Watchdog uses the available sensors on your android smartphone to detect the theft and to alert you. You can combine the different monitoring methods to maximize the reliability of the monitoring. The monitoring can be started automatically, remotely or also time-delayed.


Each movement of your smartphone is recorded and analyzed using the acceleration sensor. A theft is detected if the intensity of the movement exceeds the set sensitivity level.


The energy-saving monitoring of the brightness change can be used where the movements can not be avoided (pocket, glove compartment in the car, etc.). If the ambient brightness changes from light to dark or vice versa, as can occur when a locker is opened, this is interpreted as a theft.


For devices that do not have an acceleration sensor, the anti-theft protection can be ensured by monitoring a known WiFi access point. If the smartphone loses the connection to the specific WLAN network, this is interpreted as a theft.

Geo position

Monitoring the geo position is a very reliable anti-theft method by which you define a monitoring area. An alarm is triggered if your device and thus your monitoring object (car, motorcycle or even dog or horse) has left this area.

Actions on alarm

What should happen if an alarm has been triggered? Play a sound? Call a number or send a warning text to you and your friends? Watchdog could also record geo positions and save them online or send via email or text.

Alarm signal

There are several acoustic signals which can be activated in the event of an alarm. A loud siren gets a lot of attention and will immediately deter most thieves.

Call a number

With a call you are informed about theft and thus have the possibility to spy the thieves. So you will be able to get important information such as names or spoken language of the thieves.

Send text

Thanks to text notification, several people can be informed about the theft or burglary. This way the whole neighborhood can be alerted if your motorcycle is being stolen.


During geo tracking, the geo positions are recorded and sent at regular intervals to an e-mail address in the form of a GPX report. Alternatively, the reporting can be done via text or it can be saved online (premium).

Remote control

This premium feature allows you to remotely control this app. Control the watchdog via browser, smartwatch, or sms/text message. Read more...


Smartwatch can also be used to control your watchdog from a distance. In addition, you will receive the alert notification directly on your Smartwatch.


As a premium user, you can access all watchdog devices associated with your account via a web browser. In this way, you are able to query the status of your device, start or stop monitoring, and display the current geo position of your device.

SMS commands

Another way to control your watchdog is via the SMS commands. This allows you to start or stop monitoring, to poll the current status, or to request the position of your device.


Watchdog is easy to use and works on all devices with Android 4.1 or higher


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